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Antique Tables 1845 - 1945
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Patent Improved Pocket Table
Lightning Tubular Pocket Ball Return
Brunswick's first one hundred years of manufacturing resulted in many tables rich in both family and public history. These tables currently reside in homes, museums, collections, and other locations around the world. Whether a table has been handed down through generations of family members, or recently acquired by a new owner, interest is always high regarding the history and background of each table.

Although many Brunswick manufacturing records have been lost over the years due to fire, flood, or just the general passage of time, the listings on these web pages show the best pictures and most complete technical data we can gather on tables produced between 1845 and 1945. The listings are by no means complete to the last detail, but they do offer the most information we have retained on each of these models.

Over 130 different Brunswick models were produced during those first one hundred years. Those basic models were also produced as custom orders with minor or significant changes, variations in wood, finish, inlay, and detailing. Of course, custom designed one of a kind pieces were also produced. The information provided here should be viewed as basic and general available data on production pieces. Brunswick regrets that it cannot possibly provide detail on all pieces produced throughout its history.

Brunswick also regrets that it cannot offer any estimates of the current value of antique models. The value of antique billiard tables, like that of an antique painting, piece of furniture, collectible automobile, or any other antique item is determined by the market. Each item is worth as much as a collector is willing to pay for it. The best way to determine what your table may be worth is to contact a recognized appraiser.

Antique model information provided on this website is as accurate and reliable as Brunswick can provide; but, Brunswick cannot guarantee that all information is correct in all respects, and some inaccuracies may be present. Please enjoy reading about these historical pieces.