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Lightning Tubular Ball Return
(Available on most tables constructed from 1885 to the early 1930's)

Lightning Tubular Pocket Ball Return (Patent Applied For)

A noiseless pocket ball receiver

The Lightning Tubular Pocket Ball Return is the simplest, most efficient, convenient and satisfactory ball return (or gully) arrangement on the market today. It speeds play because it eliminates the necessity of the players going from side to side and end to end of the table to remove balls, which have been pocketed. Furthermore, it is economical, eliminating the use of pocket nets, with their necessary frequent repairs.

It has no joints or corners to retard the speed of the balls on their way to the receiving box. The individual tubes, made of soundproof material to eliminate noise, lead directly to the receiving box, and accelerate the speed of the balls.

The pitch and rounded surface of the tubes prevent foreign objects, such as chalk, etc., from lodging therein and impeding the progress of the balls.

The New York Style receiving box is used exclusively with the Lightning Tubular Ball Return. It is lined with a special material that makes it practically noise proof.

See artwork on Chicago style table, and ball receiver box.