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Antique Tables 1845 - 1945

Madison — 1916 to 1924
Built in sections and available for "KD" shipment from the factory.
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Majestic (Canada) — 1940
Finished in "1940 antique mahogany" and beautiful white fancy inlay.
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Manchester (Canada) — 1940
Best quality, imported, extra heavy, 1 1/2" full, clear slate, with five pieces to the set.
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Manhattan — 1884 to 1888
Tables are supplied with our adjustable carom plugs with iron fastenings. The only perfect invention of its kind in the market.
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Marquette, 4 leg model — 1912 to 1916
Constructed of Circassian Walnut with inlays of black holly and pearl.
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Marquette, 6 leg model — 1912 to 1915
A modification of the celebrated Pfister style, used in largest and finest US billiard rooms.
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Medalist — 1926 to 1928
Handsomely figured butt walnut with fancy inlay.
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Metropolitan — 1938 to 1940
A table in mahogany finish which combines original styling and attractive design at a price never before possible.
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Mikado — 1912 to 1915
Available in 8' and 9' sizes, produced in quarter-sawed oak.
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Moderne — 1937 to 1946
Four tear drop shaped plywood legs
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Monarch — 1868 to 1894
The Monarch went through several style changes and updates throughout its offering years.
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Monroe — 1928 to 1930
Mahogany with fancy inlay, also available in a 6 leg model (not shown).
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Monterey Mission— 1905
Strikingly rich and attractive in appearance.
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