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Antique Tables 1845 - 1945

Narragansett and New Narragansett— 1904 to 1911
"a gold medal design award winner at the Paris Exhibition."
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New Acme — 1880-1882
From page 5 of the 1882 J. M. Brunswick and Balke Company illustrated price list.
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Newport — 1904-1911
To meet the demands for a masive design at a medium price we originated the Newport.
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Nonpareil — 1876 to 1890
Inlaid with California Laurel, Burl Ash, French Walnut, rosewood, Birds-Eye Maple and Tulip woods.
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Northern — 1890 to 1896
The Northern is a table which can be most strongly recommended to all persons about to fit up billiard rooms, hotels, clubs, private residents, or any place, in fact, where a first-class billiard table is an absolute necessity.
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