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Patent Improved Pocket Tables
(Available on most tables constructed from 1885 to the early 1930's)

Patents: April 11, 1885, January 14, 1896, March 17, 1896, and December 15, 1896

A novelty in pocket tables which for convenience both to player and attendant has no equal.

The improvement consists of a series of troughs or runners, fastened to the frame beneath the bed of the table, and leading from each pocket separately to the basket or tray at the end of the table. As each ball is holed, it drops directly into the trough attached to the pocket. The troughs are lined with rubber cushions, rendering them absolutely noiseless.

There is no liability to get out of repair, as the trough attachment is both simple in operation and durable in construction.

The advantages of this ingenious contrivance will appear at once to every player and proprietor.

No digging the hand into the pocket to take out a ball, thereby saving much wear and tear of the pocket.

No ball left in the pocket for the next player to claim, and therefore no chance for disputes.

No pocket filled with balls, and hence no room for disagreement as to whether a ball has been legally holed.

No loss of time to the attendant, who has only to take balls out of the basket or tray instead of going to each separate pocket.

No delay to the player. As soon as one is through the pockets are clear for the next player.